Security guards

Close protection

Securitas offers variety of security solutions to meet different customer needs and demands. Some clients require more specific and personal protection, for example important guests of companies who might need specific protection at celebrations, trade fairs or conferences. Securitas builds it organization and execution of every project on each client’s emphasis. It is important that the clients’ guests are in dependable hands of the company’s professionally trained security guards who have the individual’s security, well-being and pleasure as their priority.

Securitas VIP-Service

Securitas employees have received high-quality professional training in VIP security. Courses and exercises linked to the training rely on Icelandic conditions concerning environment, culture and law. Organizing and execution of the training is in collaboration with many acknowledged officials within the field of security and law enforcements, both domestically and overseas. The company’s specialized security guards also undertake driving guests between locations and thereby combining security with comfort when arriving to or leaving the country. These projects and everything concerning the customer’s affairs is completely confidential.

Action co-ordination

When increased security is required on the account of special events or circumstances, Securitas offers all-round protection, monitoring and controlling access to areas, driving between locations, organizing escape routes and accompanying guests who need additional protection.

Situation control

Each project is carefully prepared and organized in consideration of the customer’s timeframe and demands at each time. It is important to plan the safest environment possible and that everything runs perfectly. Securitas conducts risk assessments and provides equipment and staff with appropriate training and qualifications.

All-round security

In the power of the Securitas staff the company is able to provide services suitable to each customer’s needs. Securitas individual services include:

  • Access-control at limited-access areas
  • Close protection officers
  • VIP-service
  • Event management
  • Crowd control
  • Valuable transport
  • Preventive maintenance and supervision
  • Consultation
  • Security policy development
  • Risk analysis
  • Other specialized tasks

Specialized projects call for specialized solutions

Customer demands can be very different. In some cases it is necessary to respond to temporary situations with very specialized solutions. Securitas specializes in analyzing the assignment and creating solutions that can be a combination of manned security and technical solutions. Securitas’ solutions always calculate needs, focus points and security protocol of each customer at each time.

It is not uncommon that Securitas’ customers request temporary security assistance. Securitas can undertake such projects with short notice. As an example; one of the provided services involves scanning locations with consideration of electric taping (antibug)or wiring equipment. The customer’s needs are then defined and a service agreement later signed. Special projects like this can be both efficient and flexible for different clients.

As an example of a special project you could name short time security, whether it is a close protection project, access control at sports events or bigger events of all sorts. Special solutions that build on manned security and solutions like this can come in handy where technical solutions are not appropriate.

Safety as a living concept

The professionally trained staff of Securitas is ready at all times. Securitas security guards work ambitiously towards a safer environment wherever they are at work. Ever since the founding of Securitas the main focus point has been professional employment. Applicants who have gone through inspection and been hired get professional training in the Securitas School before they are considered eligible to work for the company’s clientele. Employees participate in purposeful exercises where reflexes of all sorts are practiced repeatedly, plus receiving appropriate further training. Planning end precaution is efficient.

The worth of careful planning and precaution in security can probably never be measured. It is easy to calculate damage when it is done but Securitas’ challenge is to limit and prevent harm and damage, especially where it is difficult to compensate.

An overwhelming majority of Securitas’ clients consider the company’s security guards live up to the trust they are shown since they focus on guarding the client’s safety using their knowledge and training.

Trust creates trust

The values of Securitas are: watchfulness, honesty and helpfulness. Over thirty years of ratification confirms that security guards’ jobs fulfill those promises perfectly. Numerous customers are able to testify.

The conclusion is that with Securitas you’re in safe hands.

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